Prepare for Early Access

This month we decide to add shadow ability, new level theme and traps. BTW, Umbraseal becomes pre-beta on .

To meet game title, our heroine now has shadow ability. Shadow ability contains two phase:

  1. Right click to release Umbra :
    • Umbra is a shadow entity that attack with player
    • Each hit from Umbra increases shadow charge
  2. Right click again to release Penumbra:
    • Penumbra is a shadow entity that release shadow power.
    • The effect of shadow power is decided by current shadow charge :
      • 0 – No effect
      • 1~2 – Umbra and Penumbra shot the nearest enemy
      • 3~5 – Create shadow area that keep damage enemy and reduce player mana cost
      • 6 – Create shadow area that hugely damage enemy and exempt player mana cost


The new level theme is Mine. To adapt more and more area theme setting, we rewrite asset and theme setting system and import lots of outsource asset as breakable props in stage. The new system allow us to reuse theme setting and place traps in areas. The traps contains three types:

  • Floor Spike – triggered or periodic active
  • Auto-Shot Fort – on floor or wall
  • Sawblades – on floor or wall

When player is dealing with enemy, those traps can create more dynamic situation. This mechanic forces player to make decision more frequently and quickly which enhances gameplay.


After delivering pre-beta version of Umbraseal on, we receive lots of feedback. Most complaints are about tutorial and visual effect. We think it is a sign about “Current gameplay is ok, but need more polishing". And Yes, we will keep working on it. Meanwhile, we are preparing for Steam Early Access! There are so many things have to be done, first two level content, press release, game trailer…etc . Hope we can meet customers on Steam before August.

\\\\٩( ‘ω’ )و ////

NOTE – page will be closed. Free play demo and community will move to Steam.

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