Custom bullet mechanic

This month we added custom bullet and boss stage seal mechanic.


By default, player has 3-way shot pattern with round bullet. Now you can change what you shot by looting different shape and property of bullet from enemies. We are still trying other bullet pattern shape and bullet property. Although shooting lots of random things is very fun, but the goal is to make bullet pattern become crazy. 😛


For connecting middle stage and boss stage, we introduce seal mechanic. Player unlock seal by defeating enemies, and allowed to pass boss stage portal when multiple seal unlocked. This process creates short term goal (unlock seal) and long term reward (defeat boss). Now we should focus on various middle stage environment and awesome boss fight.

After delivering pre-alpha version of Umbraseal on, we receive lots of feedback. The major complaints are about UI material and repeated middle stage environment. However, the outsourced assets are almost done. Hope we can apply new artwork for completing early access version as soon as possible.

( ~’ω’)~

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