Umbraseal First Pass Demo

In the last month of 2018, we finally finished the first pass demo and start to design polished version features.

Fortunately, there are people would play first pass demo even graphics and UI are bit rough now. According to their precious advice, we find what players expected in this genre. Primary feedback as following:

  • Guidance – tutorial for goal and skill, mini map
  • Balance – enemies are too easy, need more AI behavior
  • Aesthetics – every area looks same, bullet have no different effect

The other detail feedback make us feel like that we are building totally different game. We shall add some features, as long as player need them.


Start in 2019, our primary goals are:

  • Move documents and tasks to HacknPlan to manage a bunch of new feature and design change.
  • Expose our work on social media.
  • Starting find composer for short term cooperation on boss fight and theme BGMs.
  • Starting find artist for cooperation on overall art design.
  • Update CI process with Haxe 4 once all dependencies are stable.

Hope we can start Open Beta as soon as possible and Happy New Year! 😛

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