Decoration and furnishing for dungeon

This month, we focus on adding enemy ability and decorating generated dungeon. As Cogmind’s author mentioned, most traditional roguelike has pretty barren environment. In our game, Umbraseal, we use two process to make dungeon more interesting:

  1. Decoration for building structure
  2. Placing furnishing by area

For decorating building structure, we define stage theme config by Tiled editor. Currently, each layer in tiled map present different part of dungeon skin. For wide space like wall or floor, their config layer allow multiple skin for random choosing. This config can keep color tone and integrity of stage theme without losing variability.

stage theme

For placing furnishing by area, we also define area theme config by CastleDB. Unlike rectangular room in most roguelike, the open space in Umbraseal is formed by tunnel. An open space could be treated as different type area, like anteroom or hall. For each area type, we can define which kind of furnishing would be placed in there. By control style of furnishings and creating a bit of symmetry pattern, makes an area more like decent living space.

area theme

Combine those two process, the result seems very neat:

very pretty, actually ⁽⁽ ◟(∗ ˊωˋ ∗)◞ ⁾⁾

Although it still cannot beat hand made map or prefab room, it is still an proper solution for Umbraseal. Because the game play will more like bullet hell than rougelike, we still need to adjust generation method. Hope we can bring you first pass demo ASAP.





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