Tunneling Maze Generator

In our new game, we want a dungeon generation algorithm for bullet hell combat. Which means this algorithm should:

  1. Generate enough open space
  2. Prevent narrow corridor

Most Roguelike games generate room first and use corridor to connect them. The narrow corridor and door can improve exploring experience but hurt dodging ability. So we choose Tunneling Algorithm instead of classic method like Space Partition or Graph Based.


Although the generated structure of Tunneling Algorithm might be too boring, we apply Agent Based method to add more dynamic behavior and configuration. And add Prefab for some special event. The result like following :


Note that the enemy distribution and room decoration still WIP, but the basic dungeon structure seems very promising! And fortunately, the block combining method in previous article still works. Next, we will consider add more item into generation processing. Breaking pots still fun, somehow. LoL

Tunneling Maze Generator 有 “ 1 則迴響 ”


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